Often, mental, physical and verbal abuse become an integral part of difficult domestic situations. If you have been threatened or assaulted, Call 911 or contact your local police department. Police can help you with the abuse and may file charges against your partner and/or encourage you to for a Protection from Abuse Order.

If you, or a loved one, need to seek Protection From Abuse by the Court, or if you are the Defendant in these legal actions, the attorneys at Miller Lyden P.C. can help.

You can file for protection if the person who has committed the abuse is:Protection From Abuse

  1. Living together in a Common-Law marriage or as Boyfriend / Girlfriend
  2. Parents of a child
  3. A parent and a child
  4. A former or current sexual partner
  5. Parties related by Blood or Marriage.

An adult or emancipated minor can file for a protection order. If the abused person is a minor, then a parent, adult household member or guardian ad litem can file on behalf of the child. While these Orders originate in the Civil Courts, violations of temporary and final Orders of the Court can result in Criminal violations for Indirect Criminal Contempt and carry up to six (6) months in jail for each violation. Moreover, due to changes in the law, Protection From Abuse matters have unexpected consequence to the Defendant–namely the prohibition from firearm possession as well as an impact on child custody. For these reasons, Protection from Abuse matters must be handled by an experienced attorney.

The attorneys at Miller Lyden P.C. can assist you in advising you of your rights and in preparing a petition seeking an order of protection.