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Protection From Abuse

Often times abuse becomes apart of difficult domestic situations. If you have been threatened or assaulted, contact your local police department. If you seek to file for a protection order the attorneys at Miller Lyden P.C. can help.

You can file for protection if the person who has committed the abuse is:pic-protection_abuse

  1. or was living with you in a common-law marriage or as your boyfriend/girlfriend;
  2. the parent of your child;
  3. your child;
  4. or was a sexual or intimate partner;
  5. your parent; or
  6. related to you by blood or marriage.

An adult or emancipated minor can file for a protection order. If the abused person is a minor, then a parent, adult household member or guardian ad litem can file on behalf of the child.

Abuse has a special legal meaning under the law. The attorneys at Miller Lyden P.C. can assist you in advising you of your rights and in preparing a petition seeking an order of protection.