Emergency Petitions

During the course of divorce and custody litigation, situations may arise where an important matter needs to be immediately brought to the attention of the Court. Whether the issue involves a parent attempting to relocate a child to another State or even one spouse trying to prohibit the other from the use of a residence or motor vehicle–a quick legal response is often the only option which can bring relief to your crisis. Because these emergency matters cannot wait weeks or months for the next scheduled matter in a family law case, Lancaster County has a Family Business Court that takes place each week to address these pressing matters.  The attorneys at Miller Lyden P.C. are prepared to quickly assist you in the filing of, or defense to, emergency petitions in the Court of Common Pleas.

Call us at 1-717-393-8000 to schedule an emergency petitions appointment today. During non-business hours, our attorneys can be reached and we seek to return you call within 24 hours.