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Criminal Appeals

Often an accused person believes that the outcome of his or her case is unfair or unjust. In such a case, after having been convicted at trial or having pled guilty, that person has the right to appeal. Typically, the appeal process begins by filing a post-sentence motion. Thereafter, an appeal may be taken with a higher court. In Pennsylvania, the next stage of appeal goes to the Pennsylvania Superior Court and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court thereafter. The right to appeal also exists beyond the Courts of Pennsylvania. An accused person may also seek relief in federal court.

The filing of a criminal appeal requires knowledge of complex constitutional rights, procedural rules and statutory law. Miller Lyden attorneys have over 25 years combined experience handling criminal appeals. In fact, Christopher P. Lyden, Esquire has twice appeared before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for oral argument and has knowledge and experience handling federal appeals.

Strict deadlines for filing appeals often apply. Contact our office as soon as possible to allow us the best opportunity to assist you.